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In June 2006, Leone became an American citizen,[13] but has plans to be a dual citizen of Canada.[83] Though bisexual, she has stated that she prefers men. In her spare time she enjoys abstract paintings, horse riding, reading, playing World of Warcraft,[84] and enjoys watching The Simpsons and The Discovery Channel.[85] She used to play on a women's soccer league team in California.[2] Her favorite holiday destination is Hawaii,[13] and her favorite cuisine is Italian.[85]

In separate interviews, she has stated that in ten years time she would like to be married and have started a family, and probably retire from the industry by the time she is 30.[83] Leone was engaged to Matt Erikson, a vice-president of marketing at Playboy Enterprises,[86] but they broke up in 2008[citation needed]. She currently resides in Hollywood, California with her cat and drives an Audi A5.[11]

Leone does her best to maintain a link to Sikh traditions, even if more in theory than in practice (see Sikhism's Views on Pornography). But she’s unlikely to disavow her career path due to religion. "Girls will leave the industry claiming that they found God," she says. "Well, the fact is, God has always been with them the entire time."[6]


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